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How to Feminize the Male Body, Grow Female-Like Breasts, and Achieve "Herbal Feminization"
Herbal Male to Female FeminizationIf you are a male looking to grow female breasts, but do not want to have a breast enlargement surgery to achieve your desired body feminization, herbal feminization via an herbal supplement may be just the way to go for you.  The estrogenic activity of the herbal supplement described below works much the same way in a man as it does in a woman's body - in essence, it increases the balance and ration of female to male hormones in the body, thereby increasing the appearance of feminine characteristics (ie. breasts). Be sure to read below for one man's experience with herbal feminization with a certain product.
How the Female Hormone Estrogen Works in the Male Body
The female hormone estrogen, which accounts for most of the features commonly associated with feminity such as fuller lips, breasts that are much larger and have a lot more tissue than a man's, softer skin, longer hair and nails and different curves and contours than you would see on a man, is a genetically "copyable" hormone. What does this mean? It means the this female hormone's actions in the female body are duplicated in nature by substances called phytoestrogens, a plant derived compound which mimics the effects of estrogen in both the female and male body. 
Interesting Side Note: Phystoestrogen has also been studied and found to be an antioxidant, and has even been linked to aiding in protection against prostate cancer in some studies.
The female herbal breast enlarging supplement Bust Fuel is our recommendation for male feminization and WE RECOMMEND NO LESS THAN A SIX MONTH TREATMENT - This is very important for the best results. You can read a male testimonial for this product below, along with some more interesting information on male vs. female hormones and the process of gender change and gender definition in humans.
How Effective is a Female Herbal Supplement in Male Feminization?
First off, let's examine what differentiates a male and female. You probably didn't know this, but in humans, the process of masculinization or feminization is not a black and white "absolute", but rather it is a process that takes place on a continuous basis over the years. The development of the male body type and characteristics, and so the process of de-feminization, depends on the presence of androgens AND the absence of estrogens.
Likewise, the development of the female body type and characteristics, and hence the process of de-masculinization and feminization, depends on the presence of estrogens (female sex hormones) along with the lack of androgens (male sex hormones). Introducing phytoestrogenic compounds, which act like estrogens in the male body, has been shown to be an effective feminization and breast growth formula for men desiring to aquire more womanly features such as larger, fuller breasts, softer skin, longer hair, the absence of excess body hair, and faster growing nails.
Bust Fuel - The Herbal Breast Augmentation Pill that Works on Men Just as Well as It Does on Women to Feminize the Male Body
Read this male testimonial (also a new update, Bust Fuel now comes with a topical cream to maximize your results, and they have new voice recordings of male and female success stories as well)-
"I am 21 years old and I have been taking your product Bust Fuel for 6 months and I have had awesome, awesome results! I am a biological male, I started 6 months ago with a completely flat chest and after 6 months of using your product I am now a complete full 36 B cup right in between a B and a C cup. It is awesome, I totally fill out bras now and I think your product is just totally awesome. Please feel free to use this testimonial online. Just incase there are any other males out there that want to know that a perfect feminine looking breast is possible by using your product Bust Fuel. I would like to thank you again, I am well on my way to womanhood because of your product. I thank you very very very much."
And here is what Bust Fuel has to say about this herbal breast enlarging products effectiveness on males:

"The findings presented on our website apply exclusively to the experiences of female users, as the product has not yet been tested on males. However, we have received very promising feedback from male customers who have reported positive results from our product's usage. Please note that all purchases of our product are backed by a 100-day money-back guarantee -- regardless of the purchaser's gender."
Bust Fuel is one of the few herbal products that even addresses male feminization in addition to its effectiveness on female clientele. It can probably be deduced that some of the other high quality herbal breast enhancers made for females may have the same effect on men, but there are not actual testimonials on the websites. Bust Fuel has proven to be very satisfactory in its results, so we feel confident in recommending for herbal male feminization as well.  Again, at least 6 months treatment is recommended, if not more - especially if you've gotten good results after six months, you will likely see even further growth with more than 6 months treatment.



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