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Do you believe that the foods you eat can make your breasts grow? I personally am a little skeptical on this one, as in I don't think that eating a lot of one certain food is going to suddenly turn you into a voluptuous C or D cup, but some people do believe that there is a reason the average bra size for women is on it's way up, and doesn't show signs of stopping this upward trend.
Did you know, for example, that Chinese women's average breast size has increased by almost one full cup size over the past ten years, and scientists are wracking their brains trying to figure out why? 
Many speculate that the increase in Chinese meat and dairy consumption, and other "Americanized foods" that can possibly make a woman's breasts grow more is the reason, along with other environmental factors. This theory is especially viable since the Chinese diet used to consist simply of a lot of rice and fish products, which do not really contain estrogenic compounds, such as the ones found in the breast enlargement supplement Breast Success
This theory stems from the fact that the majority of livestock we buy, such as red meats, chicken and other highly consumed meats and other dairy foods in the US are given hormones to make them grow faster, produce more milk, and simply be a better product in the end. 
That is, unless you buy organic.  Some theorize that this infusion of hormones in our foods we eat accounts for some of the fact that women's breasts are growing bigger over the long haul. I actually just read a story that said that women in Australia's average cup size had grown almost a full cup over the past decade, most likely due to food consumed or some other unattainable or unidentifiable factor, but most likely food or environment related, so there are cases that point to foods and supplements definitely having an impact on the size of the breasts. 
Not only that, a lot of people are noticing that young girls are going through puberty much earlier, and growing breasts at a much earlier age than they used to.  This is also an outcome that is attributed to the hormone theory.
Some other foods that may or may not make your breasts grow are foods that contain high amounts of natural estrogens, or phytoestrogens, such as pure soy products and other plant life that is characterized by a high phytoestrogen count. 
These foods include many spices too, and whole grain foods and seeds.  Some say that eating these types of "vegetarian" foods in high quantities may have a little effect on the growth of your breasts, but if it does, it is nominal at best since it is nearly impossible to sustain the high intake of the phytoestrogens necessary to actually result in permanent breast growth.
These naturally occurring phytoestrogens are also what you typically will find in most herbal breast enhancement products, and they are just a more concentrated dosage of the natural compounds designed to give you more immediate, dramatic results.  Phytoestrogens are also a natural compound used in many menopause supplements, to help relieve women's hormonal side effects. 
Women is menopause are also often encouraged to eat "foods that make breasts grow", because of their known hormone balancing qualities. As with anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad, because there is some theory that too many phytoestrogens can actually throw your hormones off. 
Other foods that contain these phytoestrogens that are known for affecting breasts are tofu, dried beans of different kinds, apples, carrots, wheat germ, cinnamon, nutmeg, oats, different types of berries, sesame seeds and actually many other seeds and oats, too numerous to mention. 
These foods all contain compounds that may help to regulate hormones in varying degrees, and are generally recommended as part of a healthy and balanced diet for women due to their properties.

Foods that make your breasts grow - Fact or Fiction?

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